Gorham Family Tree
John Johnson and Hannah Parmelee
Samuel Hotchkiss and Sarah Talmadge
Edward Sturgis and Elizabeth Hinckley
Joseph Easton and Hannah Ensign
Richard Miles and Hannah Easton
Generational chart
Generations to King
Henry Howland and Margaret

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Welcome to the Gorham family tree site. We are currently under construction but in just a short time there will be a load of great information that will be added to share.  Besides info added to this site it will also contain sources, any photos avaible, and stories that I might find.  As the site progresses, all information that is covered by sources listed will be highlighted in RED
The Gorham family were originally French.  The French spelling was DeGorran and they came from La Tanniere near the Brittany border.  Several of the family went to England in the Eleventh Century following William the Conqueror and the Norman Invasion of the British Isles.
Our Gorham line comes from Northamptonshire where they lived for several generations. 
Ralph Gorham and his son John came to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1635. 


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