Gorham Family Tree

Jabez Gorham and Hannah Sturgis

John Johnson and Hannah Parmelee
Samuel Hotchkiss and Sarah Talmadge
Edward Sturgis and Elizabeth Hinckley
Joseph Easton and Hannah Ensign
Richard Miles and Hannah Easton
Generational chart
Generations to King
Henry Howland and Margaret

Jabez Gorham born 3rd of Aug 1656, in Barnstable, MA.  Son of Capt. John Gorham and Desire Howland.  Jabez died 18th of May 1725 in Bristol, RI.  Married Hannah Sturgis around 1677 in Tarmouth, Massachusetts.

Jabez Gorham resided in Yarmouth, MA in 1679. He was appointed Constable of Yarmouth in 1680 and in 1683 he was appointed Grand Inquest of the Colony. In 1689 he resided in Bristol, RI.


Hannah Sturgis born 22 December 1654 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts.  Daughter of Edward Sturgis and Elizabeth Hinckley.  Hannah died 17th of Oct 1736 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Married Jabez Gorham.

Children of Jabez and Hannah:
  1. Hannah b. 23 Dec 1677, d. 28 Mar 1682
  2. Elizabeth b. about 1680, d. 17 Apr 1746, m. William Downs
  3. Samuel b.15 Apr 1682, d. 24 Nov 1735
  4. Jabez b. 31 Jan 1684, d. 21 Nov 1745, m. Leah Littlefield
  5. Shubael b. 12 Apr 1686, d. 1734
  6. Isaac b.1 Feb 1689, d. 1740, m. Hannah Miles
  7. John b.8 Nov 1690, d. Jan 1717, m. Sarah
  8. Joseph b. 22 Aug 1692, d. 19 Jan 1773, m. Abigail Lockwood
  9. Hannah b. 21 Feb 1694, d. bef 1725
  10. Benjamin b. 11 Dec 1695, d. bef 1772, m. Bethiah Cary
  11. Thomas b. 30 Oct 1701, d. bef 1725

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