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Isaac Gorham and Hannah Miles

John Johnson and Hannah Parmelee
Samuel Hotchkiss and Sarah Talmadge
Edward Sturgis and Elizabeth Hinckley
Joseph Easton and Hannah Ensign
Richard Miles and Hannah Easton
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Isaac Gorham born 1st of Feb. 1689 in Barnstaple, Mass.  Son of Jabez Gorham and Hannah Sturgis.  Isaac died 1739-40 in New Haven, CT.  Married Hannah Miles 6th of Aug 1717 in New Haven, CT.

In 1717 Jonathan Atwater  filed for a grant to build a wharf in New Haven, CT.  By 1736 Jonathan had not done much with the wharf, and sold 9/10th of his grant to Isaac Gorham, and several of his in-laws and friends for ten leer.  And set off with energy building the wharf.  After two years the wharf was so successful, that it expanded to the bay. 

Hannah Miles born 27th of Oct 1697 in New Haven, Ct.  Daughter of Lieutenant Richard Miles and Hannah Easton.  Hannah died 24th of Jan 1756 in New Haven, CT.

Children of Isaac and Hannah:
  1. John Gorham b. 10 Jul 1720, d. 1768, m. Lydia Dorman
  2. Hannah Gorham b. 5 May 1733, d. 1 Oct 1803, m. Leonard Lewis
  3. Mary Gorham b. 10 Oct 1721, d. 1 Apr 1773, m. William Punchard
  4. TImothy Gorham b. 13 Nov 1723, d. 17 Jan 1768, m. Mary Punchard
  5. Hezekiah Gorham b.5 Dec 1725, d. 11 May 1790, m. Abigail Dickerman
  6. Elizabeth Gorham b. 21 Jan 1727, d. 30 Aug 1807, m. David Gilbert
  7. Samuel Gorham b. 12 Jul 1730, d. 1755
  8. Sarah Gorham b. 6 Jul 1735, d. before 1740
  9. Richard Gorham b. 21 Aug 1737, d. before 1740


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